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Female POV DP With Luke Hardy And Dru Hermes

by VRParadiseXXX


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Female POV DP With Luke Hardy And Dru Hermes

2D 180° 60 FPS
Studio: VRParadiseXXX
Starring: Adreena Winters
Sep 11, 2017
Positions: leaning
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Adreena wanted to have a threesome with her boyfriend and another guy. She was very happy when her boyfriend and his hung, black buddy both agreed. She lay back on the bed and let both guys enjoy her body, rubbing her tits and eating her pussy then her boyfriend drove his dick into her. He thrust and made her moan then tagged out and let his buddy gets some of that sweet slice. Her nipples were hard and she was so turned on she needed something extreme so she let her boyfriend put it in her ass while his buddy fucked her pussy. The guys double penetrated her making her writhe around in ecstasy as she came on both their cocks. The guys finished her off by splashing her tits and hot body with their loads at the same time.

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I'm not sure why studios are so bad at female POV VR. The performance is lacklustre. A few words are spoken at the very beginning but then it's very confined, awkward and unemotional fucking for the duration. All you really hear for the most part is breathing. Only hints of sentience in male models are occasional embarrassed smiles. Technically it's dire. I mentioned the confined setup, but there's an unavoidable boom mic in the middle/upper of frame which the models have to keep ducking and dodging their heads around. The camera is even unstable and moved slightly to left and right when the models switch places so you have to be ready to re-centre a few times. Highest resolution is 1080p which is not great. Not surprised it's the only female POV title on sale really.
noir (26.11.2017)
but here 60 fps!
Normal (02.10.2017)
Its not 60FPS, Its 30 FPS
Noname (30.09.2017)
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